Five-peat: HOPE Christian High School scholars achieve 100% college acceptance for fifth consecutive year

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“Three-peat” is a well-known term honoring three consecutive championships in a sport. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “three-peat” and even “four-peat.” It has yet to define five-peat, likely because it is a rare occurrence in sports. The scholars at HOPE Christian High School have achieved a five-peat with lasting impact.

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Milwaukee’s HOPE Schools Cut Achievement Gap

Posted on Categories HOPE By Emily Johnston | Heartlander Magazine

A trio of private, religious schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been closing the academic achievement gap for inner-city kids who attend the school largely using vouchers. HOPE Christian Schools operates three private schools—the Prima and Fortis K-8 schools, and a high school. The schools hold tight to their Christian identity.

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