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Welcome to Open Sky Education  | Arizona Region

We’re working to ensure that a full and lasting education is accessible and affordable for Arizona children.

Imagine a campus where a variety of high-quality educational options are conveniently available to families, regardless of income. A place where academic greatness is achieved in a safe, loving learning environment. A place where a child’s character is nurtured from the inside out. A place where instruction is adapted to each child’s level and unique needs.

And what if this same campus offered a separate and convenient option for before- and after-school care: an affordable program in a safe and loving Christian environment, with activities, music, and tutoring, giving parents a strong support system?

Many families we surveyed in the greater Phoenix area said they would LOVE to know about such a place. This unique combination of attributes is exactly what they are seeking for their children – a full and lasting education.

You have imagined Open Sky Education. We have four campuses in The Valley, and we invite you to learn more about us.

We believe that a community should have as many and diverse educational options as the children we serve.

We created Open Sky Education to offer the features children need most – and families want most – on one convenient campus. Our mission is simple: to ensure that world-class academics, character formation, and faith-based educational choices are accessible and affordable for all, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic background. We achieve our mission by offering world-class academics and civic character formation in free, public charter schools (EAGLE College Preparatory Schools). In addition, we offer the option of faith-based before- and after-school care for families who desire it (Compass Educational Programs).

Separate programs, public and private, conveniently located and affordable for families: That’s Open Sky Education in the greater Phoenix area. Read more about our four campuses.