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Character Formation Project introduces new subscription for homeschool families

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WAUKESHA, Wis. — The Character Formation Project introduces a new subscription-based curriculum for homeschooling families that supports intentional character growth.

The open-and-go curriculum was created by a group of veteran educators together with homeschool parent advisors. Its content is distinctly Christian and features 36 Bible-based lessons with accompanying lessons appropriate for learners at a variety of age levels. The material is delivered on an online platform along with  print-friendly materials and an app for mobile use.

“This is a Bible-based journey that equips and trains children and the adults around them to live Christ-centered, fulfilling lives that serve a Greater Purpose,” says Ellen Bartling, Ph.D., managing director of the Character Formation Project. “Our program is more than self-improvement or behavioral training. It fosters discovery and reflection on how each of us is uniquely created to serve something larger than ourselves.”

The Character Formation Project began as an idea five years ago when a group of veteran educators sought to discover how lasting character is formed and how lifelong character growth could be supported. The team developed hundreds of narratives featuring a diverse collection of protagonists whose character was formed through pain and struggle and devotion to a cause greater than themselves. The team then developed a unique process for forming lasting character that is embedded into each lesson and into the training materials available for project members.

“Homeschool families who have used our materials tell us the biggest benefit is the rich, meaningful conversations ignited by the lessons,” Bartling says. “Our guided question technique enables family members to stand in the shoes of the person in the narrative, internalize the experience, and create an action plan for how a particular virtue can be practiced in daily life.”

The Character Formation Project’s Homeschool Subscription is available for purchase at Access to the online platform includes training materials and the ability to connect with other subscribers for reflections on the character formation journey.

The Character Formation Project is a multi-faceted project with programming that supports the growth of lasting character in a variety of educational settings, both public (civic) and faith-based. The goal of the Project is to grow virtuous serving leaders who lead flourishing lives for Greater Purpose. The Character Formation Project is used in schools, homes, churches and professional development settings and counts nearly 125,000 students and 35,000 teachers who have experienced the program through its various partnership agreements.


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What is Greater Purpose?

We chose the name “Open Sky Education” for a reason. We believe that we all do better work when we’re looking up.

Looking up often leads to the discovery of a cause or context that is greater than yourself. One that inspires you to serve selflessly and leads to more fulfilling work.

We refer to this as “Greater Purpose.” It’s what inspires our work in the classroom, in the board room, and in communities we serve. With this perspective, we can be true serving leaders, advancing ideas that are bigger than us, for the benefit of others.