Open Sky Education names president of schools

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Open Sky Education announces the addition of a president of schools to its leadership team. The president of schools will provide leadership for the overall quality of the educational experience for students, teachers, supporters and parent partners in each Open Sky Education school across the country.

Ciji Pittman has been named to the president of schools role. Pittman is a nationally recognized education leader who has supported the professional growth of more than 200 school leaders in public, district, and charter schools over the last ten years. She most recently served as a principal director for Open Sky Education’s Wisconsin region, where she coached principals and supported the delivery and instructional practices of school teams. Prior to that role, Pittman served as the managing director of the Racine region of HOPE Christian Schools. Ciji is currently a fellow with the Leverage Leadership Institute, a highly selective fellowship program that prepares leaders to replicate academic successes within their organizations and throughout the country.

“Ciji is a passionate educator dedicated to ensuring that every family and every child has great educational options that support a life of purpose and opportunity,” says Andrew Neumann, CEO and executive chair of Open Sky Education. “Ciji will build on the amazing work from a dedicated team that has grown our organization to this point, preparing our organization to extend excellent educational opportunities to more and more children in the communities we serve, and beyond.”

Open Sky Education is a not-for-profit organization that supports a variety of learning environments including private Christian schools, public charter schools, preschools, and wraparound care programs. The Open Sky Education schools division includes 16 campuses in three regions: eight HOPE Christian Schools in Wisconsin, four EAGLE College Preparatory Schools in St. Louis, and four EAGLE College Preparatory Schools in the greater Phoenix region.

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What is Greater Purpose?

We chose the name “Open Sky Education” for a reason. We believe that we all do better work when we’re looking up.

Looking up often leads to the discovery of a cause or context that is greater than yourself. One that inspires you to serve selflessly and leads to more fulfilling work.

We refer to this as “Greater Purpose.” It’s what inspires our work in the classroom, in the board room, and in communities we serve. With this perspective, we can be true serving leaders, advancing ideas that are bigger than us, for the benefit of others.