Book to feature HOPE Prima as top school

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A new book on education will feature HOPE Christian School: Prima in Milwaukee as one of the 12 best schools in America.

Author Samuel Casey Carter examined 3,500 schools for more than a year and identified 350 high-performing institutions that had earned a reputation for instilling strong personal character along with academic achievement. Twelve schools were ultimately selected for Catert’s book, “On Purpose: How Great School Cultures Form Strong Character,” including HOPE Prima.

“All of these schools beat the competition in their local areas as far as academic and other achievement is concerned.” Carter said. “Together, they are just a snapshot of the more than 115,000 schools in the country, but they are among the very best — for they aim only to bring the best out of their students — and they prove what is possible for every school in America.”

Carter’s endorsement is significant for HOPE Prima, 2345 N. 25th St., which is located on the border of Milwaukee’s Amani and Metcalfe Park neighborhoods. His book “No Excuses” is one of the first books that urban education students read in college.

HOPE Prima opened in 2002 with about 50 students and serves 277 students today. The school plans to double enrollment over the next few years.

The other schools featured in “On Purpose” are:

  • Arlington Traditional, Arlington, Va.
  • P.S. 124, New York, NY
  • An Achievable Dream, Newport News, Va.
  • Cotswold Elementary, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Grayhawk Elementary, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Atlantis Elementary, Port St. John, Fla.
  • Benjamin Franklin, Franklin, Mass.
  • Providence St. Mel, Chicago
  • Harvest Park Middle School, Pleasanton, Calif.
  • Veritas Academy, Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Hinsdale Central H.S., Hinsdale, Ill.

Of the 12 schools that made it into the book, eight serve students coming from medium- to high-income neighborhoods.

More than 95 percent of HOPE Prima students participate in the federal government’s free and reduced meal program. In the neighborhood that HOPE Prima serves, about two-thirds of the adult men ages 30 to 34 are or have been in prison and about half the adults have not graduated from high school, according to a study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


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