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We know what it takes to bring an idea to life. What began as one school with 47 students has grown to a broader organization serving more than 4,000 children and their families, plus an increasing number of learners who are accessing our Character Formation Project content online. We’re looking for innovative leaders who will help us bring a full and lasting education to more children.

In particular, here are the strategic initiatives we are advancing:

More high-quality seats for more children in the areas of most need.

We’re driven by our belief that a full and lasting education should be affordable and accessible to all, regardless of income or geography. We’ll continue to serve more children by adding new schools and regions as prudence and resources allow, following either our private Christian or public charter school models. Talk with our director of strategic growth about bringing EAGLE or HOPE schools to your community:

More innovative ways to address the character formation gap.

From the beginning, HOPE and EAGLE schools have intentionally integrated character formation into staff development and educational programming with the goal of preparing scholars to be serving leaders in their family, workplace, community, nation and world. About three years ago we asked ourselves a question that has led us on a journey having far more profound impact than we at first intended. The question was: How can we take character formation beyond behavior modification to something that becomes internally driven and will guide our graduates in college, as moms and dads, as employers and employees and as citizens for life?

Out of this question, the Character Formation Project was born. The project is a licensed set of character formation content and programming with two versions — one for public education based on civic character virtues, and the other for Christian education based on Biblical character virtues.

Currently, the project includes rich content, the option for onsite training, and an engaging cloud-based platform. There are 504 Civic Facilitator Guides and 504 lesson plans PK-12; 303 Christian Facilitator Guides and 630 lesson plan sets PK-12. The platform has been created to increase engagement, enable co-creation, and unlock the potential of the collective community. The online design makes accessing the CFP materials convenient and affordable and also supports the customization of character programming to align with a diverse set of use applications in a variety of settings.

We’re currently seeking partners who can help us continue to develop and pilot these materials. For more information, contact us at

More faith-based educational choices.

As the American education landscape becomes more diverse, we believe that faith-based educational choices must remain a viable part of the landscape. The average cost of a tuition-based Christian education is roughly $7,000 per student and rising, while the capacity for middle and low income families to afford it is shrinking. As educational entrepreneurs, we must find new ways to deliver high-quality faith-based educational options to the growing population of families in our nation who desire it, who simply cannot afford the traditional model.

One solution is offering Christian wraparound care that can be paired with a traditional public school education if families so choose. After school programs are critical to children and families today, yet the need for quality programs is not being met. Approximately 11.3 million children take care of themselves after the school day ends, according to the Afterschool Alliance. For every child in an after school program, two are waiting to get in. Programs that keep children safe, inspire them to learn and help working families are in particular demand.

Complementing K-12 educational options with Compass wraparound care programs creates a new model to deliver Christian education at 75% less cost than the traditional model. This makes a Christian education accessible and affordable to millions of families that are priced out of the current traditional tuition-based model of Christian education. For more information on this initiative, contact us.

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What is Greater Purpose?

We chose the name “Open Sky Education” for a reason. We believe that we all do better work when we’re looking up.

Looking up often leads to the discovery of a cause or context that is greater than yourself. One that inspires you to serve selflessly and leads to more fulfilling work.

We refer to this as “Greater Purpose.” It’s what inspires our work in the classroom, in the board room, and in communities we serve. With this perspective, we can be true serving leaders, advancing ideas that are bigger than us, for the benefit of others.