The 2019-2020 school year ended with new challenges and opportunities for Open Sky Education, including our teams, our schools, and our scholars.

In our preparations for next year, the health and safety of our staff and scholars will continue to be our top priority. To guide our efforts in developing new policies, procedures and resources to support our return this fall, the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) has developed the following framework which guides all our decision making.

We believe that this unique time in history must user in a “new normal” for our students, parents and educators.

We believe the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency that will directly impact our lives until there is a widely available vaccine or pervasive testing and contact tracing. 

We believe that our mission to “ensure that world-class academics, character formation and faith based educational choices are accessible and affordable to all” cannot stop when faced with new challenges. 

We believe that individuals will have differing views on health and safety. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we foster a culture of love and respect for members of our community with
diverse perspectives. 

We consider it our responsibility to find the delicate balance between a commitment to health and safety and providing an education that every child deserves. We are committed to: 

  • Implementing new measures that keep students, parents, and staff safe. 
  • Maximizing student learning and supporting social-emotional development in a classroom environment that is as close to normal as possible.  
  • Offering parents flexible options that give them confidence in their child’s academic growth, health, and safety while meeting the needs of their family.  
  • Providing our educators with a healthy and safe workplace so they can focus on continuing to lead their students to excellence while adapting to new teaching methods.  

We will redesign our instructional model to provide face-to-face and virtual approaches, giving families and students flexibility in how learning takes place during periods of time where students may not be able to be in the school building. This hybrid approach will align virtual and face-to-face curriculum and content into a singular learning path allowing students to move seamlessly from one mode to the other.  To make this instructional model possible, we will move to a 1:1 device initiative, purchasing enough devices to provide each student with access to a computer while they are away from the school building.  

We stand ready to embrace this once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink education – placing the unique needs of each student and family at the heart our learning models and developing new standards for health and safety that become the new normal for now and in the future. 

Please visit this webpage often for regular updates regarding our best practices for reopening our school buildings in the Fall of 2020.


Memo to Staff June 19, 2020

Open Sky’s Virtual Learning Approach