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Welcome to Open Sky Education  | St. Louis Region

We’ve partnered with our community to make sure that a full and lasting education is accessible and affordable to all the children of St. Louis.

A few short decades ago, a variety of parochial schools served the city of St. Louis, providing excellent education and the opportunity for character formation with a faith-based approach that aligned with the values of the families who chose these schools for their children. These schools, supported and managed by local people in Christian congregations, were integral to the community and provided safe, loving environments for children to learn and grow.

Until they could no more. Neighborhoods began to change. Families could no longer afford tuition for Christian education. Enrollments dwindled and many of the schools were forced to close. These once vibrant and safe places for learning were shuttered, and all that remained in their place were the memories of generations of children who had grown up in these neighborhoods, whose families had gathered to encourage one another, pray for one another, and support Christian education together. A new generation of children walked or rode the bus past these buildings to one of the few educational options left in the city.

We believe a vibrant city like St. Louis should have as many and diverse educational options as the children we serve.

Open Sky Education is striving to bring options for a full and lasting education back to St. Louis. Our mission is simple: to ensure that world-class academics, character formation, and faith-based educational choices are accessible and affordable for all, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic background. We deliver on our mission by offering world-class academics and civic character formation in free, public charter schools (EAGLE College Preparatory Schools). In addition, we partner with Christian congregations to offer the option of faith-based before and after-school care for families who desire it (Compass Educational Programs).

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