Open Sky Education operates four campuses in St. Louis. Each facility includes an EAGLE College Preparatory School and a Compass program. While Compass programs are located conveniently adjacent to EAGLE schools, they are separate entities with separate facilities and staff. Both programs make use of curriculum and programming from the Character Formation Project. In this way, the three pillars of a full and lasting education are accessible to the children and families of St. Louis.

EAGLE schools are tuition-free, open enrollment public charter schools that are accessible to all children. As charter schools, we are publicly funded, but privately run. We have accountability to our charter board, our sponsor, and the state board of education to be sure we attain certain goals and remain high-quality. And we have the freedom to be creative in the way we meet the needs of our scholars. We are able to focus in specific areas we deem appropriate, such as character formation.

Compass Educational Programs is a separate organization from EAGLE schools. Compass provides before- and after-school care for those families who choose it. At Compass, children have the opportunity to learn about Christ and grow in their Christian faith and character. Compass also provides preschool at some of our St. Louis sites, preparing children for school in a safe and nurturing environment that reflects the love of Christ.

Open Sky Education campuses in St. Louis:

3716 Morgan Ford Road
EAGLE Tower Grove South  | Compass Preschool and Compass After School Care serving the Tower Grove South neighborhood

2617 Shenandoah Avenue
EAGLE Fox Park  | Compass After School Care serving the Fox Park neighborhood

2900 S. Grand Boulevard
EAGLE Tower Grove East  | Compass After School Care serving the Tower Grove East neighborhood

3630 Ohio Avenue
EAGLE Gravois Park  | Compass Preschool and Compass After School Care serving the Gravois Park neighborhood

Regional office:
Open Sky Education, 2617 Shenandoah Ave., St. Louis, MO  63104

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We’re so very grateful…

So how does all of this happen in St. Louis and potentially in your community? It takes innovative thinking, dedicated staff, committed families, and willing community partners, all in prayer to the One who can do immeasurably more than we can ask or even imagine. Thank you for your interest and support!