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Here’s what others say

HOPE truly educates the whole child. Our rigorous academic model is a success for our scholars because it is equally sustained by our emphasis on character formation and Christian values.

– Trena Courey, Former Teacher and Current Middle School Dean of Instruction, HOPE Christian Schools

EAGLE is a public charter school that maintains very high standards for their students and teachers. This joyful, high-performing school stands out as a beacon of hope in an area that is notorious for high dropout rates and low achievement scores.

– Jon Gabriel, Goldwater Institute

We have a strong team and we rally behind each other. It’s really a place of love, support and encouragement between the staff and with the students. It’s a place that values opinions and collaboration. As a teacher, having a full-time coach is amazing and a great asset.

– Kai Reeder, EAGLE Teacher

Milwaukee has only a handful of high-performing, high-poverty schools like HOPE that do not have selective admissions requirements. These impressive schools are outperforming their peers on multiple measures, including academic growth, attendance and parental satisfaction.

– Dan McKinley, Partners Advancing Values in Education (PAVE)

I tell my students that we are training and prepping right now because when we get outside these walls we are going to be on our own sometimes, and we need to learn right now how to be a better person. I like teaching the character formation lessons because I’m not just teaching academics; I’m possibly making an impact on these children’s lives.

– Marybelle, Teacher in elementary school piloting the Character Formation Project: Civic Context

HOPE has taught me responsibility, accountability, grit, hard work, respect, love, trust, friendship, compassion, and – most of all – how to grow in Christ.

– Adrian Reed, Class of 2014, HOPE Christian High School, Milwaukee, Wis.


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What is Greater Purpose?

We chose the name “Open Sky Education” for a reason. We believe that we all do better work when we’re looking up.

Looking up often leads to the discovery of a cause or context that is greater than yourself. One that inspires you to serve selflessly and leads to more fulfilling work.

We refer to this as “Greater Purpose.” It’s what inspires our work in the classroom, in the board room, and in communities we serve. With this perspective, we can be true serving leaders, advancing ideas that are bigger than us, for the benefit of others.